What Comes Off

What Comes Off in the Wash:

a study of what becomes of memory over time, in the physical manifestation of lint. The viewer is prompted to wonder “what exactly does come off in the wash?”. Along with small particles of dust and fiber, do our memories associated with articles of clothing also come off during  incessant purging? How does the lessening of these articles of clothing over time also reflect the lessening of our memories associated with them?

The work consists of three panels, each with a progression (and a lessening) in size and shade of dryer lint samples, along with an associated memory that follows a parallel lessening.

Materials: embroidery hoops, dryer lint, wood panels coated in dryer sheets, captions printed on dryer sheets.

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Captions read:

(first panel)

You wore this dress to the airport last winter

He kept saying “I can’t believe we met on a plane”

You didn’t have the nerve to tell him it wasn’t “fate”

(second panel)

You wore these jeans to a bonfire in the park

For some reason you said “the cops are coming”

She ran to hide behind the trees even though it wasn’t true

(third panel)

You wore this sweater to the movies on Tuesday

It was a Greek film, the protagonist was locked in the trunk of a car

When the credits rolled, the audience said “what?”

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