DIY Self Publishing

*notice, this blog will be infiltrated by work from the course DIY Self Publishing for the present semester. All normal activity will continue as planned.


-Much of my work on this blog includes the idea of multiples, most often in the form of repeated numbers of an object, forming a set.

Scour is comprised of 12 copper wool sponges, each hollowed out and sewn to a sheet of text. Each sponge exists on its own as a multiple with its own text fragment, but together they form a complete narrative.


What Comes off in the Wash features 3 dryer sheet covered panels each with 3 embroidery hoops filled with lint and 3 text fragments. Like scour, each hoop and each panel tell a separate story that is completed with the joining of all parts.


In your child hood home, posted here as documentation of a sculpture/book/interaction, consists of 9 plastic bags each printed with a different text.


My most recent project, Personal Sediment, is documented on a separate site: ( in order to facilitate continued collecting and documentation.

The project exists in multiple parts:

1) an artist book and kit handmade in an edition of 22. The book, titled “Personal Sediment: a collection starter kit” is composed of 5 parts: a felt scroll screen printed with altered archeological graphs of sediment layers and accompanying text which references the parts of ourselves we leave behind on a regular basis. Each scroll is individually flocked with dryer lint, a material manifestation of daily sediment. Next are two bags with instructions for collecting one’s own personal sediment and the sediment of others, followed by an artist statement/instruction manual printed on a dryer sheet. These contents are housed inside a screen printed felt case.

2) an advent calendar composed from an altered archeological map entitled “Leave a Little for the Ones You Love: a personal sediment advent calendar”. The Calender contains 13 pockets hidden throughout the digging site: 12 small pockets for the 12 months of the year, and 1 large pocket for a notebook and pencil for written documentation and photographs. Each of the 12 small pockets houses a custom-fitted plastic bag for holding sediment.  Starting in January of 2011 I will collect one piece of personal sediment per month, label it, and incorporate it into the calender.

3) this blog, which will feature the above mentioned sediment of the month, as well as sediment collected by kit owners, and any exceptional sediment that occurs between collection periods.

Throughout the semester I will continue themes of this project in different publication formats.

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