Mini-Book: Sediment-Sentiment issue #1

Here’s a mini-book I made for DIY self-publishing. The book features images from this blog and generated text, as well as a link to the continuing project (this site!). Here are some pictures I took before classroom distribution, I will follow with a post of pictures that Wendy took of the book during class.

12 of the books were distributed to fellow classmates and self-publishers. I distributed more of the books in the Boston public library this weekend, and will distribute some around Chicago this week. Keep an eye out!

My classmates made some amazing books, you should check them out at:

softriver, blackbird, tumble dry low, milk of wild beasts, lite brite lawns, fifty-tree-days, heather, under this bare light bulb, noam chomsky’s blast fantastic, awl my pages, and pen, ink, rope, eyepatch.

Also, as a reminder, here is a link to my ongoing sediment blog: Sediment/Sentiment as well as a new blog for random posts-like this one but follow-able to those of you on tumblr.


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