Sediment/Sentiment Vol.1: A Travel Guide

Sediment/Sentiment Vol. 1: A Travel Guide consists of 8 cards, 3 flip books, and 6 fold-out notes housed inside a 3 pocket slip case. All imagery within the book comes from a discarded library text titled “Woodland Period Occupations of the Napoleon Hollow Site in the Lower Illinois Valley”, by Michael D. Wiant and Charles R. McGimsey, published in 1986 bu the American Center for Archeology. Charts, graphs, and maps have been separated from their accompanying text and given a new meaning and context. Sediment/Sentiment Vol. 1, like it’s companion Personal Sediment Collection: A Starter Kit, explores the possibility of archeology, erosion, and excavation on a personal and metaphorical level.

Sediment/Sentiment Vol.1  exists in an edition of 15. {contact me at with any questions about viewing or purchasing Sediment/Sentiment Vol.1}

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