\\\CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS///Sediment/Sentiment Vol.2///Publication\\\


This is a call for submissions for a zine I am putting together as part of an ongoing series of publications, Sediment/Sentiment.

Please send me your best ‘specimens’ of daily existence.

I would prefer physical submissions so that they can be documented (scanned) uniformly. For example: an actual piece of gum versus a scan/photograph of a piece of gum.

*if you would still like to submit but cannot submit something in this format simply contact me & we’ll figure it out. I am open to accepting images/things non physical.

I will be printing the submissions & a list of contributing artists in a similar format to my last publication.

Ways to submit:

You can submit by mail to 1444 West Erie St, Apt. 1C Chicago, IL 60642

(or deliver it to me in person)

Also by email to kayla.anderson.12@gmail.co​m

I look forward to collecting responses, so send anything and everything my way!

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