The Repository (Artifacts 3D)


Title: The Repository (Artifacts 3D)
Media: Multi-Chanel Video Installation, Projection, Digital Photo Frames, Objects
Dimensions: Variable
Date: 2012

The Repository (Artifacts 3D) is an installation composed of both live-action footage and 3D animation, embodied in multiple projections and accompanied by objects. The main video component, a six and a half minute narrative that runs on loop, describes the feat of a taxonomy of artifacts represented by illustrations from books pertaining to Native American Cultures (recently withdrawn from the Chicago Public Library System) as they are hoarded, fetishized, and incorporated into the home where they give birth to modern kitsch objects. These two taxonomies—artifact and kitsch—are conflated; both take on value separate from their function. Ultimately both taxonomies become portals into a realm where objects imbue their hosts with more than can be offered by pure utility.

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