Holograms – Installation in progress

Here are some images from a project I am currently working on as an extension of my work at Oxbow School of Art this past summer.


The project currently consists of multiple video loops projected simultaneously into compartments of a shadow box, along with two screen printed tapestries featuring appropriated text from Baudrillard’s essay on holograms in Simulacra and Simulation and imagery from a novelty repro catalog of Roycroft furniture, and various selected books and decorative objects.



The video was recorded at Oxbow School of Art as part of the workshop Cheap TV with Scott and Tyson Reeder. It features an environment constructed with images from the Roycroft repro catalog, which, though no longer functioning as ‘real’ furniture, constitute the ‘real’ world of the video, while the natural setting at Oxbow School of Art (very stylistically similar to the Roycroft aesthetic) functions as an imaginary realm. The video toys with the impossibility of separating the ‘real’ from the ‘unreal’, as both are essentially mediated.




View other videos made as part of the Cheap TV  workshop here and here.

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