[History] Under Construction


For the exhibition [History] Under Construction, Kayla Anderson (BAVCS/BFA 2014), Slaveya Minkova (BFA 2013), and Emma Robbins (BFA 2013) investigate the construction of history through artifacts and respond by creating their own hybrid cultures. Using photography, video, and installation, each artist operates as a guide, leading viewers through a contested terrain of images. Like a History Channel documentary filled with dramatized reenactments, work occupies a space between historical reference and invented persona, resulting in a series of imagined realms that parallel the present.

History Under ConstructionAbove: Livingroom/Digsite by Kayla Anderson. Below: Blue Bird Implants and Reservation Royalty by Emma Robbins, and Archollapse (Swept Under the Rug) by Slaveya Minkova.

HUC_5HUC_4Above: Tribal TroubleNaughty Navajo, and Storm Pattern Rug IV by Emma Robbins, Archollapse (Mythologized Objects) by Slaveya Minkova. Below: Specimens from the 1333 N. Campbell Home by Kayla Anderson (micro-projection on assembled objects, custom-build display).


The exhibition featured narrative labels and an interactive audio guide.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 10.29.15 PM




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